Dashboard Widgets description

Bellow is the full list and descriptions of every widget available.

Kanban board widget #

This widget overtakes the native WordPress dashboard welcome panel and substitutes it with an useful Kanban board. If you are an Agency, you really need this. If you are a solo freelancer, well, not so much.

In it, you can see that each Employee takes up a column. In each column we can see what that Employee is currently working on (only if the WP Hourly Tracker add-on is used) and the full list of tasks assigned to that employee.

You can drag and drop tasks in between employees to quickly re-assign them.

You can mark tasks as completed as well. When hovering, a “mark as complete” checkbox will appear over each task.

You can even click on a task title to open the task details modal.

This widget is super useful for a project manager who needs quick access.

Employee daily hours report widget #

Same as above, very useful for a project manager or employer who needs to see how much the team has worked in a day, at a glance.

It is ajax powered and you simply need to select the date for which to generate the report.

Each green row represents an employee, and when the row is expanded, it shows you on what that employee worked during that day.

Client daily report widget #

This widget is identical to the Employee daily report widget, but instead of listing employees it lists clients and what was worked for them during that day.

Unpaid hours status widget #

This widget is actually added by the WP Hourly WooCommerce Integration plugin, since it is designed to work with WooCommerce instead.

Please see the WooCommerce Integration – Unpaid hours dashboard widget article for documentation.

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