WP Hourly Shortcodes

By default, WP Hourly comes with 2 shortcodes which help you build a simple client dashboard. Please note that WP Hourly does not handle the protection of the pages you set the shortcodes on; you must ensure that those pages are behind a login system.

Client reports shortcode #

[ wph-client-reports ]- please remove white spaces before using

This shortcode renders the Report generation form for a client, in the front end. The client can only select to run the report for all of it’s projects or just a selected one.

See WP Hourly Reports for more details.

Here is an example of how we use this shortcode on our main website, superwpheroes.io where we build awesome WordPress Themes and Plugins for our customers:

Client projects shortcode #

[ wph-client-projects ] - please remove white spaces before using

This shortcode is a bit more special. It helps display the Project Management part of WP Hourly to your clients in their account on your website.

Using this shortcode, you will be able to display the entire list of projects you started with that specific client. Each project will have a link to the project page, which will display a list of all the tasks associated with that project.

The tasks will also display the tracked time and a link to the Time Records associated with that task. They can also display the profile picture of the task assignee if you choose so.

If you are also using the WP Hourly Tracker add-on, the Time Records will display the captured Screenshots as well, only if you decide to allow it to do so.

The front end is built using the Bootstrap Grid, so it will look perfect on any bootstrap powered theme, and reasonable on a theme that is not using Bootstrap.

The projects list as seen by a client
A single project as seen by the client. Project overview and Task list tabs available
Client view of all the tasks within a given project
Viewing one individual task by the client, with the option of viewing time records as well.
the client can view the time records associated with a task as well as screenshots if you are using the WP Hourly Tracker add-on
The client can see an individual time record screenshot of you or your employee working. This eliminates all the possible confusion and arguments between you and your client. No browsing on Facebook 🙂

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