WP Hourly Tasks

The Tasks in WP Hourly are associated to a Project. Tasks are grouped in 3 columns: Backlog, To Do and Done.


WP Hourly - Single Project Dashboard

Adding new tasks #

In the Backlog and To Do columns, on the right hand corner, you will find a PLUS sign. In order to add a new Tasks, click on the PLUS sign for the respective column and a new dialogue will open containing the Add Task form.

NOTE: You can only add a task to the Backlog and To Do columns; adding a task to the Completed column is not an option. If you need to add a Completed task just for your reference, please add it to the Backlog or To Do column, then drag it over to the Done column.

Task settings #

The settings for a task can be defined when adding a new task, or by clicking on the task title later on.

As you can see, the Add New Task form is pretty similar to the Add New Project form. This contains the following:

  • Task assignee
  • Task title
  • Task description

Clicking on the gear icon on the right (as showing in the image above) will open the Task Settings section in which you can add the following:

  • Task external URL (ex. a link to a task in asana.com if you manage your project in asana)
  • Task billable / non-billable status
  • Task rate (overwrites global, client and project rate) (just click to edit)
  • Task estimated hours (how many hours you think this task would take to complete)
  • Task deadline

Everything is pretty much “edit in place” and the two mandatory elements are the task assignee and task title. The rest of the fields are there to accommodate more complex business setups.

Task previews #

After adding a task, it will appear in the respective column that you added it to (Backlog or To Do). As you can see, there is some preview data available for the task:

  • Task external URL favicon with link to that URL (if set)
  • Task title (opens the task details modal if clicked)
  • Clock icon with Real Time (“R.T.” = submitted or tracked)
    • if the R.T. is less than the estimate, the clock is green
    • if the R.T. reaches 90% of the estimate, the clock is yellow
    • if the R.T. is over the estimate, the clock is red
  • Estimated task time
  • Task assignee

Editing tasks in WP Hourly #

Changing the task assignee #

You can change a task assignee in WP Hourly simply by clicking on the user profile image on a task, regardless of what screen you are on (a Project Dashboard or any other place for that matter).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a task has time tracked on it, that time will be associated to that user. If you wish to re-assign the task to a different user, and that new user also tracks time on the same task, then it may be possible to only see the last assigned user on the Client Reports as the one who tracked the entire time on the task. It is super safe to re-assign tasks in between users while the task has no time tracked on it. If you do reassign the task do a different user, the total time to be billed to your client will not be affected. The Employee Reports would be unaffected.

Changing the task status #

In order to change a task status from Backlog to To DO or to Done and any other way around, simply grab the task and drag it to the desired column.

Editing task details #

In order to edit any of the task details, such as title or deadline, etc, simply click on a task title and the edit task modal will appear.

Changing the Project for a Task or Deleting a task #

WARNING: there are a couple of actions here: changing a task’s project or deleting a task, both of them with serious consequences.

Changing a Task’s Project #

In order to do so, click on the Projects dropdown as shown in the screenshot above. Be careful when doing this. You can select from any project from any client. Be careful what project you re-assign the task too.


  • if the task has time associated with it, all that time will be moved to the new project and no longer be visible in reports for the existing (old) project.
  • if the task already has time tracked on it, and some of the time has been paid, then on the WooCommerce orders (if you are using the WP Hourly WooCommerce Integration add-on) the old project for which that time was paid will NOT change

Deleting a Task #

Again, only do so if you are 100000% sure. This action is irreversible if you do not have a MySQL backup of that task and it’s time. If you do delete a task, all the time associated with it will be deleted as well and no longer show in the reports. It will still show on WooCommerce orders up to that point (if you are using the WP Hourly WooCommerce Integration add-on).

Manually adding or removing time for a task #

Please see WP Hourly Time Tracking

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