Time Sheets generation process

In order to generate Time Sheets for any of your Employees, you need to go to WP Hourly -> Time Sheets in your WordPress dashboard.

You can generate a time sheet for any month of the year, and you can select all or just one employee.

The generated table shows the following important data:

  • Employee clock-in time
  • Employee clock-out time
  • Daily worked hours
  • Daily hours target
  • Total monthly hours target
  • Extra hours, if any
  • A really nice and simple visual chart which shows you how the workload evolves over the month.

The total monthly hours target is calculating by multiplying the daily hours target times weekdays in that month. Weekends are excluded.

We plan on adding functionality to choose if you want to exclude weekends or not, add legal days of or leaves, but there is no current ETA for that.

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