WP Hourly Time Tracking

Time tracking in WP Hourly is easy and even easier if you use the WP Hourly Tracker add-on! let’s call that “the Tracker” from now on 🙂

If you do not with to use the Tracker, here is how you do it manually.

Adding time manually #

On the edit task modal, you have a tab called Add Manual Time. Administrators can add manual time by default and Employees can add manual time only if granted permission by an Administrator.

As you can see, the assignee for which this time is being added si, by default, the task assignee. You can change the assignee, but we see no real life situation in which you need to do that.

You then add the number of hours (it supports decimals, like 1.5 hours) and the date and time for which you add the time.

Tracking time with the desktop Tracker #

Please see the WP Hourly Tracker docs.

Viewing tracked time for a task #

On the task details modal, there is a tab called Time Records. This tab lists all the time tracked for a given task, be it manual or using the Tracker.

As you can notice, for convenience, all Time Records tracked for a given hour, like 2 PM are grouped under one screenshot. to view them, click on that screenshot and a modal containing all those time records will appear:

You can navigate in between hours in this same modal, for example 2 PM to 3PM or the next available time slot and you can also select time records for later editing.

Editing tracked time for a task #

This part is a bit tricky, in the sense that it requires your attention a bit more. Since time is money and WP Hourly is designed to either help you earn or save money for your work, please pay attention.

If you are an Administrator, by default, you are presented with the Edit Time records form. Employees see this provided they are granted permission.

Please note that there are 5 available actions:

Mark as paid in #

This will mark the selected Time Records as “paid” by your customer, and they will no longer show as pending payment in the client dashboard.

Mark as unpaid in #

This is the default state of a Time Record; it will show as pending payment for that time in the client dashboard

Mark as paid out #

This is future functionality. Well… past, we used this to mark the time we paid out to our contractors / employees. We plan to revive this feature.

Mark as unpaid out #

Same as above; does nothing for now, but we plan to revive this feature as well; this is an initial state of a Time Record marking it as pending to be paid to the Employee or contractor that is working for you.

Delete #

WARNING: this action is irreversible. It will delete the time record and it will no longer show in any reports. If you did not count that time in order to charge your client or pay your employee or contractor for it, it will no longer be possible to do so. Please only delete time that was added by mistake for example; do not delete real valid time unless it is such agreed in between you and your client or employee / contractor.

In order to perform any of the actions above, you need to select the Time Records you wish to edit:

A warning icon will show letting you know which Time Record groups have selected items in them waiting to be edited.

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