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Time tracking with screenshots, time sheet reports and many more!

Run a Freelancing business or an Agency straight from your website

Focus on what you do best and let WP Hourly handle everything else

Enjoy the power of a project management app, time tracking, employee monitoring, reporting and last, but not least, a billing solution design to flow nicely with your daily work needs. All within your own WordPress website!

PRO Version

Track the time you r your employees spend on tasks

Stop wasting time filling up time sheets and work reports by hand!

WP Hourly PRO allows you or your team members to track time straight in the browser! Making use of modern web technologies, WP Hourly PRO can take screneshots of your desktop while working. You can either use these as proof of work for your customers, or just to monitor your team.


Charge for your billable time!

The main goal of WP Hourly, after all: allowing you to charge your customers for your time!

WP Hourly PRO allows your customers to checkout on your WooCommerce powered website and pay for your tracked time as if they were buying a new pair of shoes. It's that simple!

You can set a global hourly rate, or adapt the rate for each Client, Project or Task.


Manage Projects and Tasks smoothly

WP Hourly comes with a built-in Project Management system that is light and easy to use.

Add Projects and assign them to a customer. Add Tasks and assign them to your team mates. Re-assign tasks to different team mates.

You can track time for each Task with WP Hourly PRO, or add it manually, and see how much time you invest on any given Project and Task.


Generate comprehensive time reports

WP Hourly and and WP Hourly PRO take out the stress from generating time reports.

See how much time you or your team spent on literally anything. Show your clients how much a task or an entire project took you to build and improve your hourly rates accordingly!


Media management at it's finest

Eliminate any doubt in your customers mind, and you will have a happy client that will stick with you for a long long time!

Not any more! The WP Hourly PRO add-on can also take desktop screenshots of you or your team mates working. These are super appreciated by your clients, thus showing them you provide valuable work for their money, and not just wasting their time. 


How does the Time Tracking work?

WP Hourly works best with the WP Hourly PRO automated time tracking feature.

While you can add time manually in WP Hourly as well, the entire goal is to spare you the trouble of having to do all these manual operations. 

The WP Hourly PRO Add-on comes with a simple yet powerful web based time tracker which collects worked time and uploads it to your server. That way, you can focus on your work, knowing your time will be counted and paid for.

All the while, it also gives you the posibility to take descktop screenshots of the assignee of the task while they are working!


Works on any OS

It works on any operating system: Windows, Linux and MacOS, since it is operated in the Browser.

Centralised data

Own your data. Both time and screenshots are saved on your server.

See your tasks

See your entire task list, grouped by projects.


Track your time

Check both your total time for the day as well as time spent per task.

Desktop screenshots

It can be set to take screenshots of the desktop while updating the worked time on the server.

Privacy first!

Screenshots are hidden from public access and only people with the right permissions can view them,

Evem more super cool features!

We spent 3 years developing WP Hourly into a simple yet powerful solution aimed at helping both Freelancers and Agencies to develop their online business.

Blazing fast

We re-coded WP Hourly in order to provide the best possible user experience.

Client dashboard

Allow your customers to login and see what billable hours they have to pay you for. Use available shortcodes or WooCommerce integration (available in WP Hourly PRO)

Global perspective

View everything you need to see in a project in one window. Super easy to work with.

Intuitive design

Everything in the dashboard looks as expected from a project management system.

Email reports

Send automated work reports to your customers by email and stop wasting time on updates and calls.

Powerful settings

You decide what your team can or can not do within the dashboard.

How much does it cost?

WP Hourly is a free plugin and it can be downloaded on

Get WP Hourly PRO at just €49 / one year license & updates!

Get WP Hourly PRO at a special price now!


Frequently asked questions

What type of businesses can use WP Hourly?

WP Hourly was initially intended for businesses that charge by the hour, like Freelancers and Agencies. Businesses that generally operate by a "Time and Material"model. However, lot's of customers reached out asking how they can use it for businesses from completely different industries. For example, WP Hourly is used by lawyers, charging by the hour, by companies with multiple employees working from home and need to be monitored and clocked. As a matter of fact, WP Hourly is ideal for any business that needs to have employee timesheets if nothing more.

What do I need in order to use WP Hourly and it's add-ons?

You would need to have a WordPress website. WP Hourly is a WordPress plugin. If you do not have one, we can help you build it. Please feel free to contact us if you need help with that. We are also planning to launch a SaaS version of WP Hourly so that clients that do not have a WordPress website can use it online. There is currently no available ETA for this however.

Can I use the WP Hourly PRO add-on without WP Hourly?

No, of course; you would have to install WP Hourly first and then purchase the WP Hourly PRO add-on and install and activate (plugin and license) that as well.

Am I forced to buy the WP Hourly PRO-addon in order to use WP Hourly?

Not at all. The WP Hourly PRO add-on is there to help you save and manage your time better. They help eliminating most of the manual tasks, like adding time manually, or generating employee timesheets, etc. By it self, WP Hourly is a very good solution for keeping track of the worked time, generate reports or use that time to invoice your customers.

Can I use different hourly rates for different clients?

Yes. WP Hourly allows you to set one global hourly rate. then, you can overwrite that rate for each Client, project or Task.

I am a Freelancer / Agency, how does it work for me?

WP Hourly can be used by single-person businesses as well as bigger companies with employees. As a freelancer, you would be the one doing everything, including tracking the time if you are using the WP Hourly PRO time tracking feature, where as an Agency, your employees or contractors would be doing that. That means WP Hourly and it's add-ons can be used by WordPress Administrators and Employees (a new user role created by WP Hourly). As an Administrator in WordPress (or if you are a solo freelancer) in WP Hourly PRO you can check the "Treat administrators as employees" option in order to allow your self to track time.

How can I charge my clients for hourly work?

You can use WP Hourly alone and generate time reports to use for your invoicing. If you are using WP Hourly PRO, then you can also install WooCommerce. WP Hourly PRO will then hook into the client My Account area and clients will be able to see the unpaid time they owe you. Paying is a s simple as checking out for a new pair of shoes like you would do on any online shop. You are basically selling hours 🙂

Is there a confirmation for clients after they pay for hourly work through WP Hourly PRO and WooCommerce?

Yes. On the WooCommerce order, your client will see a timesheet of Projects and Tasks along with the time spent on each of them. That time sums up as the total amount paid on that order. Ex. Total of 100h worked * 50 USD / h = 5000 USD order total.

Can clients pay partial amounts?

In WP Hourly, billable time (tracked time) is grouped by weeks, in most countries, the week being a unit of measure for payment intervals. Using the WP Hourly PRO add-on, your clients pay for particular weeks or the full amount due in one go. For obvious reasons, we recommend charging the full due amount in one go, but that is totally up to you and your client.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

When you purchase WP Hourly PRO on our website, you will be put on a yearly subscription plan. This ensures continuity for suport and updates after the first year of using WP Hourly PRO. Of course, you can, however, terminate your subscription at any time and still receive updates and support for the first year. You would need to have an recuring payment set up in order to receive updates after the first year. Your license will remain unaffected, of course, if you do not choose to have a recuring payment plan.

How do refunds work?

We offer a 14 day - no questions asked - money back guarantee. That should be enough for you to make sure that our product is or is not what you need for your business setup. Upon processing a refund, the aquired License Key would stop working. If you do not wish to be enroled on the yearly subscription plan, and just want a 1 year license with updates, please be sure to stop your subscription within your account with us. By default, your subscription will be set to ACTIVE. Not canceling your subscription is not subject to a refund the next year or years to come.

Our customers love us

WP Hourly is slowly but surely emerging as the number one self-hosted solution for your project management WordPress Themes and time tracking needs!

Wow, so cool. I setup everything and works perfect. You guys are gonna be huge, especially in the wp freelancer community once u are ready to launch. I will be recommending your product from now on.
Thanks again and congratulations on job well done.

Wow, so cool. I setup everything and works perfect. You guys are gonna be huge, especially in the wp freelancer community once u are ready to launch. I will be recommending your product from now on. Thanks again and congratulations on job well done.

Margus Anniko

Web Developer / PoeHaldur LLC.

Would be very happy to pay for this plugin and support it's development.

Would be very happy to pay for this plugin and support it's development.


Public review on

I got fast and detailed answers to my requests. The plugin is very handy with the (paying) side application WP Hourly Tracker. The team is very proactive and I am confident this product with get great enhancements in the future.

I got fast and detailed answers to my requests. The plugin is very handy with the (paying) side application WP Hourly Tracker. The team is very proactive and I am confident this product with get great enhancements in the future.


Public review on

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