WP Hourly Reports

Reports in WP Hourly are the business end and final result of using WP Hourly without any of the PRO add-ons. They help you bill your customers for the time you worked or even pay your employees / contractors.

By default WP Hourly provides two similar kinds of reports: Client Report and Employee report, both of them depicting the activity on each Project / Task and time tracked.

In order to generate a report as an Administrator or Employee, you need to go to WP Hourly -> Reports in the WordPress dashboard.

There you can select to generate a report for a client or a customer.

The other available filtering criteria are:

  • selecting to report for all projects of that client or all projects that the selected employee worked on or just specific client or employee related projects
  • “Filter time records” – with the All and Unpaid (unpaid in by the client or unpaid out to your employees) options. “All” will generate the activity report while “Unpaid” will generate a list of unpaid time record.
  • Project selection: all projects or by specific project
  • Start and end date interval – the time period for which you wish to run the report.

These reports are super useful for the following scenarios:

  • attaching them to a customer invoice to bill for that time
  • evaluate your team / employee / contractor or your own activity and progress
  • pay your contractors by the hour
  • evaluate and determine employee salaries or bonuses

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